Kelley Guidry

Forgotten Not Gone - Kelley Guidry
Kelley Guidry is a former Vehicle Control Maintenance and Air Force Security Forces Airmen serving in the United States Air Force for 6 ½ years. She is currently the Co-Founder of the Veteran for purpose 501(c)(3) organization Forgotten Not Gone, Inc. She was awarded an Accommodation medal for her role in Operation Enduring Freedom from Nellis Air Force Base, 820th Red Horse Squadron directly following the 911 Terror attacks. Following a challenging eight years of struggling with her Disabled Veteran husband’s deteriorating health, her own disability and depression, she was at a breaking point. After a week of unpaid leave from work at the IRS to take her husband to the War Related Illness Clinic, a therapy was prescribed for her husband that would change both their lives. Kelley and her husband decided to take out a personal loan and purchase the recommended 3-wheel recumbent trike for rehabilitation. Utah trikes gave them a great deal and they were able to purchase two trikes, so they could ride together. The Doctors stated it would help with Anxiety, Depression and physical recovery. After just 2 months, Kelley saw an amazing recovery with her husband. Peter’s anxiety level had decreased, he was getting physical activity and he had begun to be social again. Together they realized that every Veteran should have access to this therapy and any other alternative therapies regardless of whether the VA could provide them or not. Forgotten Not Gone was the answer to how to live without pain, psyche pills and how to have a quality of life after leaving the military. Our goal is to continue to give back, inspire, motivate, serve and breathe hope back into our fellow Veterans, who were not lost at war but forgotten at home.