Peter Guidry

Peter Guidry - Forgotten Not Gone
Peter Guidry is a former Security Forces Air Force Airman and Co-Founder of the Veteran for purpose 501(c)(3) Organization Forgotten Not Gone. Peter was medically separated from the Nellis Air Force base after serving from March 1996 to July 2002. His numerous health issues and horrible after service Healthcare led to severe depression and destructive behavior. Struggling for about 10 years, hope was on the horizon when he was sent to the Palo Alto VA War Related Illness Clinic being seen by a specialist in the fields of his specific illnesses. He was hoping to finally get answers. The Clinic provided written suggestions and prescriptions for therapy they felt would be helpful to Peter.   It was recommended as a prescription that he use 3 wheeled recumbent trikes as a form of therapy but the Veterans Administration would not comply. Determined to get better, Peter and his wife decided to take out a personal loan and purchase the trike on their own. Utah trikes gave them a great deal and they were able to purchase two trikes, so they could ride together. After just 2 months, Peter felt his anxiety decrease and he was also feeling more comfortable being out of the isolation. Together they realized that every Veteran should have access to this therapy and any other alternative therapies regardless of whether the VA was going to help or not. Forgotten Not Gone was born from the struggle of trying to find an alternative therapy other than drugging a Veteran up with pain and psyche pills to go away. I had to figure out if I really wanted to live another day in this uncontrolled physical pain?